at home with Alfresco

When it comes to something being “universally inspiring”, the coast and the ocean are clearly at the top.

So many of us have a fascination for it. Being near the ocean may evoke wonderful childhood memories, a daily swim may give us balance to a hectic life or it may be the simple act of going for a beach walk on your own, collecting seaglass and shells that makes us feel inspired or calm.

With this in mind it is no wonder we want to bring these elements into our home to enjoy on a daily basis. Decorating with a coastal style is not hard, in fact, it can be a few simple items and touches around the home that can make you feel more connected to the ocean.
Using colours from a seascape is a great start. Choose cool colours; emerald greens, seafoam and turquoise and mix these with sandy tones or greys to balance out the coastal palette. Introducing white or using white as your base always feels fresh, which is a feeling we often associate with the sea. Consider the sea whenever you are setting the table, re-organising your bookcase or console or even in a bathroom. All these little touches, whether it be a shell here, a napkin holder with a seaside theme or finding some old oars to hang on the wall will bring you closer to the coast and to the memories and inspiration it holds.

Fillable bottle lamp, oars & pelicans.
Abstract Oil Painting $189, Fillable Bottle Lamp, Pelicans On Piers, Oars $159, Ceruse Console $1,295.

A coastal table setting using our Bianco plates.
Bianco Dinner Setting, Rattan Placemat Recessed White, Elm Board, Hemstitch Runner Beige, Rattan Coaster Set Round White, Urchin Vases, Boat Napkin Holder White, Anchor Book Ends White, Sophia Chair Linen & Ash.

Relax Life Is Good Tray and shell.
Life Is Good Trays and Ceramic Shell White.