at home with Alfresco

Console styled with aqua and white.

Mantel, blue lounge with white cushions.

There are many different ways to create an elegant room, but sometimes when it comes to mixing heavy timber and raw elements there can be some trepidation. An elegant, sophisticated room doesn't have to mean cut crystal candlesticks, symmetry and highly polished surfaces. Here is our take on a modern, sophisticated room, which you would find in a Hamptons style house or a modern family home.

Aqua and white stacked on console.

Blending is key here. Start by blending together a heavy timber coffee table with a beautiful hand woven rug, this will bring a refined edge to your table and set the tone for the room. Next add some colour, like this sophisticated grey/blue sofa. This is a great base colour as you can bring out as much of the blues, seaglass or greys as you like. It is a colour used extensively in Hamptons style decorating and looks beautiful up against white, as you will see in the piping of this sofa. It is also a great colour to consider when painting a room, if you want to bring a bit more colour but still keep it semi-neutral.

As we are using heavier tones and textures, we have chosen to bring out the cooler turquoise colour through the chosen artwork, which will lift the room and add a 'brightness' to it.

Light blue armchair with cream cushion.

Stunning cream cushions on light blue lounge.

Tropoical inspired decor.

Another way we have brought balance to this room is by pulling out the sandy colours in the artwork and using it throughout the rest of the space. We have done this by introducing seagrass cushions, shells and other pieces of timber. This keeps the room full of texture and warmth and creates interest. Finally, mix in some fine, white coral or white orchids, which seem to magically bring any room to life.