Easter Drink Dispenser Recipe Easter Drink Dispenser Recipe

Easter Drink Dispenser Recipe

Try one of our favourite Easter drinks that's easy to prepare and your family and friends will surely enjoy. Get the recipe here!

1 minute readMarch 5, 2015

It's time to start thinking of Easter...your decorating, little Easter bunny surprises and of course, entertaining. It's a beautiful time of year to invite friends and family around for a catch up, Easter egg hunt and indulging in some of your favourite food. Below we have put together one of our favourite drinks, which you can easily prepare in your drink dispenser and let guests serve themselves. Enjoy!

Peach and mint mocktail in drink dispenser.

Peach and Mint Mocktail

• 3.5L of icy cold lemon flavoured mineral water
• 7 white peaches
• Mint
• Lemon juice
We made this recipe to fill our 5.7L drink dispenser.

Blend 3 peaches (skin on) in a blender and add a dash of lemon juice to stop the peaches from going brown. Strain any lumps out of the mixture and pour into your drink dispenser. Add the lemon flavoured mineral water and mint leaves. Cut the remaining peaches into large wedges and add to the mixture, leaving a few wedges aside to decorate the glasses.

For a cocktail version, swap the lemon flavoured mineral water for your favourite sparkling wine.

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