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As life appears to become more and more hectic, all the more reason to find sanctuary in your home, and the one place to really, truly unwind and recharge is usually your bedroom. It's the one room in your home where you generally have full privacy, where you dream and rejuvenate. For these reasons it's probably the most important room to really think about the mood you would like to create.

Most of the time we want our bedroom to have a sense of calm and luxury. Start by investing in a good quality bed. You should be spending a minimum of 7 hours sleeping at night, so make sure you are getting the best possible support and that you wake not wanting to get out of bed because it is sooo comfortable, not because you didn't get a good nights sleep.

Palm quilt with tropical cushions.

Secondly look for the best quality linen your budget can buy. At Alfresco Emporium we have been developing our own exclusive range of bedding with all these thoughts in mind. We are very excited to introduce the Embossed and Palm Leaf collections to our bedding department. Made from 100% cotton, the Palm Leaf bed spreads come in 240 x 260cm and 250 x 290cm. We have designed the range in white and sea foam and we love mixing these colours together on the one bed to create a fresh, relaxed feel. The collection also includes a traditional embossed Marjella design, which comes from the Portuguese style of traditional white bedding.

Embossed floral quilt with blue cushions.

Whether you go for a base of all white or a soft pastel colour, layering is the final key to creating luxury and comfort in a bedroom. I know many men laugh about the amount of cushions us females like to pile up onto the bed, but it's just our little way of adding luxury and personality to the room. When layering cushions and pillows, start with pillows with matching cases to your sheet set. For anything above a double bed this is generally two or four pillows (it depends how many you actually like to sleep with). Then add your European cushions at the back. For a king size bed I would recommend three European cushions, particularly if you don't have a bedhead. A good size bedhead is generally what will ground and frame your bed, however, if this is not in your budget, I would encourage you to add more European cushions to give your bed height. Now comes the fun part...scatter cushions. You can have as many or as little of these as you like. Choose carefully and remember the mood you want to create for your sanctuary. I always like to have at least one very special cushions at the front. Whether it be a cushion with exquisite fabric, something detailed with beading or our new Seashell Cushions, make it a very special final touch to creating the calm, luxurious bedroom you look forward to retiring to every evening.

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