Styling Your Lounge With Statement Cushions Styling Your Lounge With Statement Cushions

Styling Your Lounge With Statement Cushions

Decorate your lounge with stylish cushions textures and patterns, to uplift the look and feel of your space.

1 minute readAugust 11, 2023

Bring your living room to life with a curated selection of cushions to complement the colour palette of your space. Follow our tips below to learn how to pair different cushion textures, and patterns for a unique statement look.

Tip 1: Choose a feature cushion

Select a stylish cushion with a statement pattern or texture,
to hero and stand out in your space.

Tip 2: Select a variety of cushion styles

Choose a couple of cushions of different shapes, sizes & textures,
to contrast and complement your feature cushion.

Tip 3: Combine luxurious and natural textures

Luxurious fabrics such as velvet combine beautifully with natural textures
such as raffia, to create visual interest.

Tip 4: Use feather inserts for an elevated look

Feather inserts are a premium choice, providing shape to your cushions and comfort to your body.

Tip 5: Experiment with your cushion selection

Once you have selected your cushions play around with the placement,
adding style, comfort and ambience to your living room.
Finally, sit back, relax and enjoy your freshly styled lounge.


A guide to styling your console

Click play on the video below to watch our lounge styling demonstration
led by our very talented Julia Wood, specialising in textiles & design.
Watch with the sound on for the full experience.


Love this look? Replicate it for your own lounge.

Pair our stunning Moloka Tropical Floral Cushion With Green Piping (square), with our luxurious Velvet Green & Flax Cushion Cover (square), and natural textured Madagascar Raffia Crochet Cushion Tea (square),showcased on our signature Clara Modular Lounge Left Latte lounge.   


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