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Hunter Valley Interior Styling

Alfresco Emporium’s Interior Styling team recently decorated four Hunter Valley cottages, in diverse design themes.

8 minute readJanuary 10, 2023

The Interior Styling Team at Alfresco Emporium recently transformed four unique cottages in the Hunter Valley region, just over 130km from Sydney. 

The unique cottages are situated on property owner Sandy Dulhunty's land, alongside her main home. The cottages comprise Blue Gum, Boronia, Grevillia, and Iron Bark.

The team were tasked to bring owner Sandy Dulhunty‘s design visions to life, through creating four bespoke interiors for each space, over-exceeding Sandy’s expectations. We spoke to Sandy post-installation to gain her view and experience working with the Alfresco Emporium Interior Styling Team.

The cottage styled looks are presented below.

Blue Gum Cottage

A coastal styled cottage curated with timeless ceramic and rattan furnishings, and décor pieces.



Statement furniture accents featured within this styled cottage include: 

  • Nantucket Lounge 2 Seater Latte - A comfortable and stylish addition to the living room. Upholstered in a cotton and linen blend, with piped edges and dark timber legs (top row images).
  • Rattan Ragoon Armchair White - A luxurious design, crafted from handwoven rattan, finished in a stunning soft white hue. Classically elegant silhouette, with a matching white cushion (bottom left image). 
  • Coral Coast Woven Rug - A hand loomed jute, wool and cotton blend rug, bringing warmth and visual interest to the space (top left image).
  • Rattan Indies Bedhead White - An island oasis aesthetic, with rich texture and character, enhanced by the elegant, crisp white hue. High-quality construction, transforming the bedroom into a luxurious, tranquil retreat. Crafted from rattan pole, with woven rattan (bottom right image). 
      • White Woven Ceramic Lamp Base - A unique and stylish woven-inspired design, with a crisp white tone and simple, yet sophisticated white shade. Bringing timeless elegance to the space, with a tranquil warm glow, and luxurious texture (top left image).
      • Marble Lotus Vases - Carved petal accent piece, ideal for displaying elegant artificial flowers on a console, side table or dining table (top right image).
      • Marble Plates - Hand-carved from marble, this luxurious petal accent piece is stunning on it's own, or as a unique candle display (top right image).
          • Mocha Aspen Wool Rug - Adds beautiful texture and warmth, with warm and earthy mocha tones to complement the bouclè weave, for an organic, textured style. The wool blend fabric contributes a high-quality finish to the living space (bottom right image).

          Boronia Cottage

          A rustic styled cottage curated with natural oak, elm and wool furnishings, and décor pieces.



          Statement furniture accents featured within this styled cottage include: 

          • Elm Louvre Two Drawer Console - A simply elegant elm furniture piece, providing storage capacity, with room on top to create a beautiful décor display. The slim design is designed with functionality, and space efficiency in mind, with a premium finish (bottom left image).
          • Vermont Lounge & Slipcovers - A contemporary design that blends well with the modern white and bright interior, complementing the natural light (top left image).
          • Oak Console - A premium display ideal for the living room, beautifully styled with decorative décor, artworks, lampshades and mirrors, with baskets stored below (top left image).
          • Hudson Florida Bedhead - A classic feature of Alfresco Emporium’s Hudson furniture collection, crafted from solid American oak with a light painted wash, highlighting the gentle timber grain of the piece. The warm, grey tone complements the interior colour palette, with a detailed design. Padded headboards, upholstered in a linen fabric that is both comfortable and stylish (top right image).
          • Hudson Florida Bed Stool - A classic Hudson furniture accessory piece crafted from solid American Oak, with a light painted wash highlighting the gentle timber grain. The warm, grey colour tone complements the interior style, padded in a linen fabric for comfort and style (top right image).
          • Oak Bedside Table One Drawer One Door - A premium bedside table, crafted from oak for an elegant aesthetic. Elegant storage solution, with a luxurious high-quality finish (top right image).
          • Brass Base Lamp White - Adds timeless luxury to the interior styling, with the high-quality ceramic base and stunning textured finish. The crisp white tone is complemented by the luxurious brass base, for a bold statement look (top left image).
          • Concrete Harper Hurricane Candle Holders - The unique, chalet style vase complements the rustic furnishings. The concrete base, combined with the classic glass sleeve brings elegance with a stylish earthy vibe for a richly layered look (top left image).
          • Kubu Westminster Baskets - Brings a classic neutral finish, and stylish storage display, crafted from high quality rattan (top left image).
            • Togo Natural Baskets - A stylish storage solution woven from seagrass, wrapped around a metal frame. The richly textured seagrass brings an earthy aesthetic, enhanced by the natural tone and organic finish of the basket (top right image).
            • Mocha Aspen Wool Rug - Brings texture and warmth to the space with warm and earthy mocha tones to complement the bouclè weave. The wool blend fabric adds a high-quality finish to the living space, with its organic and textured aesthetic (top right image).
            • Hudson Florida Chair Linen On Oak - An elegant statement piece, upholstered in linen. The Oak frame is structured with luxurious carved swirls and lines (bottom left image).

            Grevillia Cottage 

            A luxurious styled cottage curated with elegant bamboo, oak and brass furnishings, accent pieces and hues of deep blue.



            Statement furniture accents featured within this styled cottage include: 

            • Bamboo Side Table Natural - Natural bamboo side table brings a tropical relaxed aesthetic to the space, featuring a tight woven top and shelf (bottom left image).
            • Natural Stripe Rug - A hand-loomed jute, wool and cotton blend rug adding a beautiful textured aesthetic. Durable in design, and crafted from high-quality natural fibres (top left image). 
            • Vermont Lounge & Slipcovers - This contemporary lounge design blends well with classic and modern interiors. Supplied with the latte slipcover (top right image).
            • Medallion Cushion Cover Navy & Flax - This luxurious floral cushion features a tones of light and navy blue, with a natural linen colour design, with medallion motifs (bottom right image).
            • Royal Nautical Stripe Cushion Cover Rectangular - High-quality, royal nautical striped cushion adds a stylish and elegant touch to the living room décor. Made from a cotton and linen blend, featuring a matching navy piping, for a Hamptons feel (top right image).
            • Royal Nautical Multi-Stripe Cushion Cover - The classic royal nautical multi-stripe cushion brings a classic, elegant feel. Made from a cotton, linen blend, featuring matching navy piping (top right image). 
            • Golden Hurricane Candle Holders - Luxuriously paired hurricane lanterns made from nickel, complemented by the warm gold tones, bringing timeless luxury to the console (top right image).
            • Rattan Trays Rectangular Brown - Stylish rattan tray, hand-made from woven rattan. The textured finish and lush brown tones bring a luxurious feel to the living, and bedroom (top right, and bottom right images).

            Ironbark Cottage  

            A classic styled cottage curated with sophisticated rattan, elm and marble furnishings, and décor pieces.



            Statement furniture accents featured within this styled cottage include: 

            • Rattan Bahamas Desk Brown - Hand-crafted Bahamas style desk, crafted from high-quality rattan. Featuring 5 drawers and 4 storage compartments, (top row).
            • Barcelona Chair Natural - The padded back and seat make this natural oak chair a very comfortable addition to the dining room, the elegant fabric adds classic charm (top row).
            • Elm Console Two Drawer - Adds elegant rustic style to the living room, crafted from elm with a textural grain (top left, and bottom right images).
            • Rattan Bed End Chests White - Sturdy bed end, featuring lots of storage space with two internal compartments, crafted from natural rattan to complement the classic, rattan style (bottom left image).
            • Rattan Bedheads White - Hand-crafted form natural rattan, adding a natural and durable texture to the bedroom with the rattan white bedheads crafted from split cane (bottom left image). 
            • Elm Lap Table Round - Crafted from elm with elegant shapely legs, this side table has a deep textural grain, adding rustic character to the space (bottom right image).
            • Marble Lotus Bowl - Carved from marble, an elegant addition to the living room, used to store practical items (top left image).
            • Marble Leaf Bowl - These elegant marble leaves are a decorative accent on their own, or to be filled with seed pods, jewellery or miscellaneous items (top left image).
            • Nickel Hurricane Candle Holders - Timeless silver hurricane lanterns adding a touch of luxury to the living room. An elegant addition to the elm console (bottom right image).
            • Alabaster Candle Refill Holder White - Bespoke candle holder, designed to be paired with our candle refill range. Creates subtle translucency, bringing a soft glow to the room. Crafted from natural stone with variations in texture and grain.

            Post Delivery Q&A with cottage owner - Sandy Dulhunty

            How did you choose the Interior Styling team from Alfresco Emporium for your Hunter Valley cottages?  

            Having been a regular client to the Alfresco Emporium shop, I sent an email asking the Alfresco Emporium styling team for an appointment to discuss styling our four country cottages in the Hunter Valley. I believed they could deliver the look I was after for the cottages.  

            What did you love best about the design process?  

            We loved all aspects of the Alfresco Emporium Styling team. From their easy communication, creative innovative styling, and punctual delivery.  

            Do you have a favourite styled cottage and why?  

            My favourite cottage would be Grevillea. I love the warm country ambience created by the dark rattan furniture, and blue accessories.  

            What would your advice be for future clients considering using Interior Stylists for their home?  

            My advice for future clients is to definitely don’t hesitate in using the Interior Stylists from Alfresco Emporium, as our four country cottages were transformed into beautiful, functional, luxurious rooms oozing with charm and personality.  

            A huge thank you to Emma and Jamie for making the project immensely enjoyable. Additionally, they “got me” and delivered perfection. Well done!!

            Bespoke Interior Styling

            Hunter Valley Cottage Styling 

            Alfresco Emporium’s Interior Styling team transformed four Hunter Valley cottages into works of art, curated with unique furnishings and décor.

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