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Alfresco Emporium Stylist and Operations manager Karen Blackbourne shares fond memories of Mother's Day and reflects back on the year she became a mum.

Since becoming a mum, what has been your most favourite mother’s day memory with your family?

My favourite Mother's Day so far was my first one with Maddi 10 years ago. Being able to celebrate this day with my children and my mum is, to me, one of the most special days of the year.

How will celebrating Mother’s Day this year be different from other years?

Hopefully breakfast in bed and lots of cuddles with the kids. Maybe a family bike ride and picnic in the yard. This year will be much more low key as we wont be going to mum and dads like we do most years for a big family lunch and seeing my mother in law. Will have to zoom instead.

Growing up, what was your most cherished Mother’s Day tradition or memory?

A family tradition growing up was all mums side of the family would come over for a huge lunch and we would all play soccer in the yard afterwards. I remember when i was little getting up early with Linda and Michael to make breakfast for mum and so excited to give her our homemade cards and $5 gifts from the school mothers day stall

Your mum Jan is a wonderful cook, which of her recipe is closest to your heart and why?

One of my favourite recipes of mums is her meatloaf. It is incredible and only she can make it perfectly with potato gratin!!

If you could wish one thing for your children, what would it be?

One wish for my children is to be resilient. To never give up. To be healthy, happy and honest with themselves and others.

What is on your Mother’s day wish list this year?

I wish for all mums to have a relaxing, fantastic day with their families. To know and look forward to this (Covid-19) being over soon and finally giving our mums a big hug!

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