In Her Words, Part II In Her Words, Part II

In Her Words, Part II

Linda shares how her family will be celebrating Mother’s Day this year and reminisces on cherished memories of past celebrations with loved ones.

1 minute readMay 4, 2020

Since becoming a mum, what has been your most favourite mother’s day memory with your family?

There are many but my favourite would still have to be my very first Mother’s Day. My baby was 7 months old for my first Mother’s Day and I fondly remember swimming in the ocean with him and my husband. This has now become a tradition of ours, a Mother’s Day family swim.

How will celebrating Mother’s Day this year be different from other years?

My mum lives 10 hours drive away, so sadly I don’t get to share it with her much these days, but I will miss celebrating with my gorgeous mum-in-law and husband's side of the family. Apart from that, we will head to the ocean, as we have for Mother’s Days gone by

Growing up, what was your most cherished Mother’s Day tradition or memory?

I remember multiple Mother’s Days with my mum's side of the family and both my beautiful grandmothers. Sadly they are no longer with us, but the memories are certainly alive. Setting up our formal lounge room when we lived at Dural, with mum's finest tablecloths, silverware and fresh bouquets of flowers was always on the agenda and then occasionally backed up with some backyard soccer with all the extended family.

Your mum Jan is a wonderful cook, which of her recipe is closest to your heart and why?

I’m sure my siblings might answer this question the same....mum's meat loaf! There’s just something about it that fills my heart and belly with love.....oh, and you HAVE to have it with steamed greens and potato gratin. My mums also known for her desserts and the perfect way to top of her meat loaf would be with good old apple crumble.

If you could wish one thing for your children, what would it be?

Health and happiness.....oh, that’s two. Happiness.

What is on your Mother’s day wish list this year?

Oh, where do you want me to start.
#1 a sleep in! My boys are 3&4 yrs old, so I’m thinking this may not happen due to the excitement. Maybe after the initial ‘wakeup’ I might get a ‘lay in’.
#2 poached eggs & smoked salmon for brekky
#3 obligatory swim in the ocean
#4 FRENCH CHAMPAGNE (to go with brekky)

In Her Words Part II

In Her Words Part II

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