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Just in... A great new selection of gourmet products including 100% natural sea salt from a nature reserve in Spain, truffle chips, French olive oils, gourmet popcorn, bourbon maple syrup and more.

A L'Olivier
Made in France, A L'Olivier has been producing olive oils since 1822. Available in amazing infusions, such as, basil, marjoram, lavender, porcini mushroom and truffle, pepper, lemon, black truffle and sun-dried tomato.

Black Truffle Chips
Take potato chips to the next level with these Black Truffle Chips made in Spain. The authentic Black Summer Truffles give the chips a sweet aroma with fruity notes that will convert this snack into a treat for the senses.

A L'Olivier Oils

Sal de Ibiza
Obtained by the traditional harvesting methods of the French Atlantic coast region, this salt is the purest of all table salts. 100% natural, the salt has over 80 essential trace-elements and minerals and has a subtle yet aromatic flavour. The salt is harvested exclusively in the nature reserve "Parc natural de ses Salines d'Eivissa" in Spain and contains no additives or preservatives. Available in grinders, salt pots and meat rubs, such as, Hibiscus, Smokey BBQ, Citronella and Jengibre.

Sal De Ibiza Sea Salt Collection

Coney Island Classics
Made in Brooklyn with whole grain kettle-corn topped with pink Himalayan salt, this popcorn is truly addictive and is available in three flavours; Butter Me Up, Jalapeno Poppers and Sweet & Sea Salty. 100% natural, the non-gmo corn is gluten free and is made the traditional Coney Island Boardwalk way, by hand, in small copper kettles. The great flavour is enhanced with Himalayan pink salt, which is the purest salt on Earth with dozens of minerals. If all that was not enough to convince you, it is also cholesterol free, preservative free and vegan.

The best popcorn ever.

Vermont Maple Syrups
Handcrafted in small batches, the Dorset Maple Reserve is Vermont's premiere producers of pure maple syrup. The limestone based soils of the region deliver high calcium content to the maple forest and are credited with the syrups incredible flavour. For an extra special treat, try the aged bourbon barrel maple syrup. Don't forget, maple syrup can be used on more than just pancakes; it also pairs well with french toast, coffee, ribs, wings, salmon and much more.

Great maple syrups.

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