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A group of brightlu painted roosters

Can we hear crowing from your kitchen?

Hand painted in Portugal, these rooster are inspired by the legend of the "Old Cock of Barcelos" and are a symbol of faith, good luck and justice. The legend tells a story about a pilgrim traveling through Spain who is accused of stealing silver from a landowner, and is sentenced to death by hanging.

To plead his innocence, he begs the judge to reverse his sentence. The judge was about to tuck into a roasted cockerel, when the pilgrim vowed that as proof of his innocence the cockerel will stand up on his plate and crow.

The judge pushed aside his meal and laughed. As the pilgrim was about to be hung, the cockerel miraculously stood up and crowed. Leaving the judge in disbelief, he then hurried to the gallows to free the innocent man. Many years later, the pilgrim returned to Barcelos to carve a statue of the cockerel, where the legend and symbolism still lives on today.

These Portuguese good-luck roosters are ideal for displaying in kitchens, or passing on as a gift, where the mystique of faith, good luck and justice only work when the rooster is received.

So next time you are stuck for a house warming or engagement gift, why not share the gift of good luck.

A rooster bowl with eggs in.