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There is nothing quite as inspiring as traveling overseas. Our director, Jan and international buyer, Michael are currently traveling in The Hamptons. I'm not sure if the weather conditions are quite what they were expecting, but I'm sure it won't stunt their bower bird eyes or endevours to source something unique to bring back to Australia. From the Hamptons they are traveling to New York City, which is always a source of inspiration, then on to Germany for an international tradefair. Our Alfresco Emporium stores are greatly inspired by the Hampton style and we are so exited to share with you Jan and Michael's postcard from Southampton.

Hey guys,

We made the drive up to Southampton in the bad weather - that was an experience... I was a little worried as the last time I drove in the snow I pulled out of the rental carpark and slid straight into a truck.

Made sure we had dinner at 1770 in Easthampton as it is one of Ina Garten's favourite restaurants, didn't see Ina, but her husband Jeffrey did stop by to pick up takeaway. We can understand why it is a favorite haunt of Ina's, the meal was fabulous!

Loved the stay at the Mill House Inn, the lobster frittata for breakfast was amazing, I did not eat for the rest of the day, apart from the stop at the Golden Pear Cafe, could not miss out on that!

Although everything is covered with snow we have still managed to be inspired and will be coming home with loads fresh ideas...can't wait to share them all with you.

Jan went ice skating a couple of times, not in a rink with skates, just on the sidewalk in her snow boots.

Heading to New York tomorrow.

Talk soon,
Michael & Jan

Postcard from Southampton showing a frozen dock.

Snowy Southampton streets. A pretty shop front in Southampton. Janice Hore shopping in Southampton. A cleared path through the snow in Southampton. Frozen dock at Southampton. The Dock House Building at Southampton