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In 1999 we opened our first AE store and it wasn’t long after opening that we discovered the talents of Canadian artist Sidney Michael Dickens. Created in British Colombia, Sid Dickens produces handmade, 6x8 inch tiles, which are designed to be hung collectively. Each tile or “Memory Block” is numbered and has a little blurb on the back explaining the inspiration for the design. The Memory Blocks are made from plaster and timber and hand finished by a team of five artists. You can create your own masterpiece based on what tiles you hang together. Whether it be a theme (eg: music or Paris), or choosing your collection based on a colour or what the meaning of the tiles are that resonate for you, you can guarantee your wall of Memory Blocks will be exclusive to you.

The designs are constantly evolving and tiles are being ‘retired’ making way for new designs. Retiring the tiles also makes them more valuable as there aren’t as many produced. At AE we have our own private collection of retired tiles, some as old as 15 years, so please contact us if there are any retired tiles you are trying to source.

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Collectors Club

Do you know about our Sid Dickens collectors club?
Any time you purchase a SD Memory Block from AE, you can become a member. Membership entitles you to a private invitation to the launch parties when the new collections arrive from Canada. SD Collectors have access to limited signed tiles and will also be notified if a range will be retired, allowing you to acquire them before they are no longer available.