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Spring Cleaning

As we advance into Spring it's time to open up the doors, air out the cupboards and give your home a good spring clean. Read about our tips for spring cleaning.

1 minute readAugust 28, 2014

As we advance into Spring it's time to open up the doors, air out the cupboards and give your home a good spring clean. Without the right ventilation, the cold winter months and rainy weather (of which we all know a lot of lately), has a way of harvesting mold and can leave your home stale and mildewy. 

Murchison-Hume's great bathroom cleaner.

My suggestion is to always use products that are gentle for you and your environment. Find something with natural perfumes, which will make the cleaning process that little bit more pleasant, and will leave your home smelling beautiful.

is my go-to for ALL cleaning products, whether it's for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry or even to spruce up my leather goods. Made with 99.9% naturally derived ingredients, the products are people, pet and plant friendly, and best of all they do a great job. If I can give you any advice it would be to use it sparingly to start. It seems to go a long way, which is great, because it lasts longer as well. The boys bathroom cleaner (cute name, I know) is great if you have children with allergy problems and are scared of what harsh chemicals might be absorbed into their skin from a bath. It's gentle and even has ingredients that are used in the ocean to naturally clean up oil slicks without harming wildlife. Murchison-Hume cleaning products come in two beautiful fragrances, Australian White Grapefruit and Original Fig, and trust me, you will want to get cleaning just so your home is filled with the beautiful scent.

Another range of kitchen cleaning products which are environmentally friendly is Full Circle. The Spray Bottle Kit is awesome and sure to become your best friend around the home. It is eco-friendly and will eliminate toxic chemicals from your cleaning routine. The set includes hassle free recipes with ingredients you can find in any grocery store, microfiber cleaning cloth and a stylish spray bottle with built-in lemon juicer for fresh scent and disinfecting power. There is also a range of bottle brushes, microfibre clothes and sponges to help with your cleaning.

Demonstrating the Full Circle Spray Bottle Kit
I hope these eco and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions have inspired you and added some 'spring' to your Spring cleaning.

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