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1 minute readMarch 10, 2022

Layer your couch with a range of stunning cushions, and experiment with textures, colours and patterns to create a balanced and inviting space. We have curated a few of our favourite cushion looks, that work perfectly for a variety of interior styles.

Our Australian Coastal collection draws on natural elements and layers various linen fabrics with our classic raffia cushion. Our stunning Sadia Blue & White Floral Cushions add interest and a focal point to any space. To further create a cohesive space, balance the pops of blue with our Woven Ceramic Lamp, fitted with the beautifully detailed Trellis custom shade fabric.

Perhaps pops of colour is not for your home decor? We love experimenting with texture to create interest and depth to your space, which allows you to choose a limited colour palette but still draw interest to the eye. Our Embroidered Flowers On Natural Cushion features beautifully embroidered flowers in a stunning earthy palette of soft olive and beige tones that instantly draw you in. 

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Soft florals can create a tranquil scene to any living or bedroom space. This stunning grouping features our Moloka Tropical Floral Cushion, in both square and rectangle sizes to create hight and variety to this look. Our luxurious Velvet Green & Flax Cushion adds a calming touch of colour, which further plays on the subtle tropical feel to this collection.

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Outdoor cushions are the perfect way to redesign your outdoor living space as your style changes and trends shift. Playing with sizes and shapes creates a perfectly layered look that can be enjoyed any time of year. Ensure that your cushions are designed for the outdoors and are made from weather proof materials so that they will be able to handle the various harsh conditions of the weather in Australia from extended direct sunlight to extended periods of rain. 

Click here to view our full range of beautifully pattered and textured cushions to refresh your home.

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