Traditional Sicilian Moro Heads | As seen on 'The White Lotus' Traditional Sicilian Moro Heads | As seen on 'The White Lotus'

Traditional Sicilian Moro Heads | As seen on 'The White Lotus'

Ceramic sculptured vases from Sicily, hand-crafted and painted by local artisans. These powerful and iconic Sicilian heritage inspired pieces appear in the TV series 'The White Lotus' Season Two.

1 minute readFebruary 10, 2023

The individually hand-made Sicilian Moro Head sculpted vases ‘Testa di Moro’ at Alfresco Emporium are sure to turn heads in any room, in vibrant eye-catching colours, decorative aesthetic, carrying a rich Sicilian heritage. These works of art are renowned world-wide, and famously featured throughout the Emmy Award winning TV series, 'The White Lotus' Season Two, set in Sicily.  

Traditional Origins Behind Our Sicilian Moro Heads at Alfresco Emporium

The Moro Heads originate from a legend in the Middle Ages, during the domination of Muslim inhabitants, known as Moros in Sicily dating back to 1100AD. The symbolic vases tell a story of the impossible love of a young couple, a Sicilian girl with noble origins, who had fallen in love with a young Arabic man.

When the young lady’s family discovered the love affair, their lives were taken by the parents with their heads being turned into vases, and hung as warnings on a balcony. Today, the ceramic vases are made in pairs, in memory of the two young lovers who were murdered together as punishment of their forbidden love. 

The artisanal ceramic Moro Heads are commonly used to decorate the balconies of Sicilian towns, in particular, the areas of Caltagirone, and Taormina; the location of the luxurious hotel where the guests of series 'The White Lotus' - Season Two, vacationed. The male and female heads are light in complexion, with the man displaying a thick moustache and turban to define him as a Moro. Both are wearing noble crowns with decorative details. High quality artistry, and craftsmanship are in each individual vase, hand sculptured piece. 

The Sicilian Moro Head Collection at Alfresco Emporium features the man and lady Sicilian Moro Heads in small (34cm) and large (60cm) sizes, and antique white in the large (60cm) sizes.

Lady and Man Coloured Moro Heads (34cm and 60cm)


Large Lady and Man Antique White Moro Heads (60cm)




Traditional Hand-Crafted Ceramics

Sicilian Moro Heads at Alfresco Emporium

Ceramic sculptured vases crafted by Sicilian artisans, featured within the Emmy award winning TV series 'The White Lotus', season two set in Sicily. 

All statues are individually handcrafted, painted with cultural designs, and finished with a premium glaze. They are constructed to display foliage, or stand alone as an artistic centrepiece.

The traditional statues are symbolic of a Sicilian legend, telling a story of forbidden love, power and passion.

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