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Get Inspired > Tropical Safari

Luscious green foliage set against the rich hues of rattan furniture and crisp white textiles creates an authentic palette to bring our latest style inspiration to life.
Monkey Jar Rectangular 28cm
Temple Jars
Parrots on Stand Golden
Bamboo Dinner Setting
Apsley & Company Vesuvius Candle
Abu Monkey & Bowl
Clam Gold Small 14cm
Banana Palm Dinner Setting
Two Bronzed Monkeys with Bowl
Rattan Table Runner Brown
Rattan Trays Rectangular Brown
India Hicks: Island Style Book
Leather Boxes
Palm Lamp Antique Brown
Monkey Jar With Lid
Palm Leaf Rug 75 x 120 cm
Gold Resin Parrot Hook
The Book Of Palms Large
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Get Inspired > Tropical Safari

This look celebrates our love affair with the coveted designer, India Hicks, as it fuses traditional Plantation Style with the relaxed ambiance of the tropics.

Layers of interest are created by injecting vibrant colours and playful animal motifs into this look, with décor accents such as our unique life-like orchids, our hand-painted banana palm plates and our resin monkey figures.

Step into our relaxed Tropical Safari escape and shop the look.