Laundry Room

Shop our collection of stunning rattan laundry baskets, cleaning products and fabric fragrances.

Discover a wide selection of stylish and functional laundry room and home décor products at Alfresco Emporium. Our collection includes a range of storage baskets, laundry hampers, laundry bags, drying racks, ironing boards and more to maximise the functionality and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your laundry room.

Elevate your laundry décor

Transform your laundry room into a space that combines practicality with style. Our laundry room products are designed to streamline your laundry routine while adding a touch of elegance to the room. Whether you have an expansive laundry area or a more compact space, we have the perfect laundry furniture and accessories to meet your needs.

Functional and stylish laundry furniture in Australia

Our range of laundry room furniture offers innovative solutions to maximise storage and organisation. From furniture laundry hampers to laundry basket furniture, we have options that blend seamlessly with your existing décor. Choose from a variety of materials, finishes and styles to complement your laundry room's aesthetic while providing efficient storage solutions.

Laundry room organisation made easy

Keep your laundry room tidy and efficient with our selection of storage baskets and laundry hampers. These versatile items are ideal for sorting and organising laundry, storing cleaning supplies and keeping essentials within reach. With different sizes and designs available, you can find the perfect storage solutions to fit your laundry room layout and requirements.

Efficient laundry care essentials

We offer a range of laundry room essentials to make your laundry care tasks more convenient. Explore our selection of drying racks, ironing boards and ironing accessories designed to streamline the process of drying and pressing your clothes. Our high-quality products are built to withstand regular use and to ensure efficient and effective laundry care.

Ideas for laundry room furniture

At Alfresco Emporium, we believe that every space in your home deserves to be stylish and functional, including your laundry area. If you're looking for ideas to elevate your laundry room, you've come to the right place. Transform the space with these inspiring laundry furniture ideas:

  • Multi-purpose furniture — Opt for furniture pieces that serve multiple functions, such as a storage bench that doubles as a seating area and furniture laundry hamper.
  • Built-in storage solutions — Consider installing wall-mounted shelves, cabinets or floating shelves to maximise vertical space. Additionally, keep your laundry supplies organised and easily accessible with laundry basket furniture.
  • Folding station — Create a dedicated folding area with a folding table or countertop accompanied by storage baskets or drawers.
  • Stylish accents — Add decorative elements such as wall art, plants or chic laundry hampers to inject personality and style into your laundry room.

Shop our range of laundry furniture in Australia today

Visit Alfresco Emporium to explore our extensive collection of laundry room products as well as living room décor, tableware and other types of furniture and accessories. Browse our online store or drop by one of our physical locations to view and experience our products firsthand. We offer convenient payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, AfterPay and PayPal, and provide Australia-wide shipping. If you need assistance in choosing the perfect pieces for your laundry room, our team is ready to help you create a laundry space that combines functionality and style. Contact us today to start transforming your laundry room into a haven of organisation and sophistication.