Bokashi Composting

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The Green Frog Bakashi Bucket is a practical and convenient way to prevent food waste from ending up in landfill, while providing your garden with a nourishing food source and enriching microbes.

This unique composting system uses the revolutionary Bokashi Composite, a combination of sawdust, bran and effective micro-organisms, to create the ideal conditions for airtight composting, eliminating odours and the unpleasantness associated with decay.

A plastic gate sits inside the bucket separating solids from liquid. The liquid can be drained and used as a nutrient-rich fertiliser for the garden.

The bucket can be stored easily under most kitchen sinks.

Features & Sizes
- Size: 31 x 41 x 30cm
- Capacity 19L
- Air tight lid
- Composite contains effective micro-organisms

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