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The countdown is on. Only four more sleeps until the big guy arrives... plus all of your family and friends. Here is a quick check list to help your entertaining run a little smoother and Christmas be memorable for all the RIGHT reasons.

Ice Buckets/Wine Buckets
You can never have too many. Place them on your main table, buffet or side table and let guests help themselves to a frosty cold beverage whenever they need a top up. (Double bonus, you won't have to be waiting on them hand and foot.)

Our top products for entertaining this Christmas.

Ham Stand
If you are feasting on a big, or even a small ham this Christmas then a ham stand is a kitchen essential. Trust me, it will make life a whole lot easier. It eliminates all the mess of trying to hold the ham on the right angle when carving and I find you can also carve a whole lot and then let guests replenish their plates and carve their own as they need.

Drink Dispenser
Keep everyone hydrated, and in style, with a drink dispenser. Whether it's filled with exotic punch or frosty cold water with fresh lime and mint, it's a great way to allow friends to help themselves and free up lots of room in your refrigerator.

Drink Dispenser with punch.

Napkins, tablecloths, hand towels, napkin rings and placemats. Have them washed and pressed a few days before, all ready to go and dress your Christmas table.

As above. Get organised. Have it all together, napery, glassware and cutlery ready to go on Christmas eve so you can focus on more last minute things on the big day

Now, kick back and gloat in how organised your are, and enjoy your big day with the big guy.


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